It's here! Last Dance cold-brew in 12oz bottles.

Smooth. Chocolately. Addictive.

Mountain City has been providing locals with the ultimate cold-brew since 1993. From Beanstreets to Vincent's Ear -- where the real Ashevillians hung out -- to the very first Old Europe on Battery Park, we introduced the town to what we then called Toddy iced coffee. If you don't know what that is or where any of these places were, you haven't been here long enough.

Asheville's original cold-brew is now rebranded as Last Dance, a long and tortuous collaboration between Anna Beth Eason and Mountain City. It was worth every showdown.

Thanks to Anna Beth, Last Dance has its own website and Facebook page. Why Last Dance? Anna Beth's answer is "you can work a double and still be the last one on the dance floor". Clever -- and true -- but the real story of why it's called Last Dance is here.

At this time, we regret that shipping is not available for Last Dance. Local pick up or delivery only.

4 pack

4-pack of Last Dance

Need just a few for yourself and friends? This 4-pack of genuine Last Dance will do it.

Case of 12

Case of 12 bottles of Last Dance

Have more than a couple of friends, or want some for yourself and colleagues at the office? This case of 12 bottles of Last Dance cold-brew will provide what you need.

Case of 24

Case of 24 bottles of Last Dance

Know more Ashevillians than you thought? And they keep coming back for more Last Dance? A full case of Last Dance is what you need to satisfy them all.

Case of 24
Case of 12

Resellers -- by the Case

Need the best cold-brew for your customers? This is it, genuine Last Dance cold-brew. Cases of 12 or 24.

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