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So where did the name Last Dance really come from?

There are three things you have to know. First, there is a company in Australia called Slow Dance -- they make and bottle cold-brew -- their original graphics are here. Second, I heard and was reminded that I liked the song Save the Last Dance for Me. It was written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman in the late 50's and became a hit by The Drifters in 1960, but the version I like was recorded by EmmyLou Harris about 1979. So I casually suggested to Anna Beth the name Last Dance and all I got was a yawn.

But the last -- and key -- element here, is that Anna Beth has this thing for cowboys (and cowgirls). She had always wanted to have a cowboy-themed label -- which I always thought wasn't Asheville enough -- but just to humor her, I put together this mock-up of a Last Dance label replete with western fonts, a western wanted-poster theme, and of course a cowboy and cowgirl.

Anna Beth's response - "Now you've got my attention".

At left, the mock-up of the first Last Dance label.
Above, the final label, the result of work by Anna Beth and a graphics designer.