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How to brew iced coffee -- the Toddy method:

The so-called "institutional maker" is a 22 qt plastic container with a spigot. You'll also need the institutional filters from Toddy, and a strainer to hold the filter. This how the Toddy Company says to do it ....

  • Insert institutional filter into strainer. Put strainer and filter into brewing container.

  • Pour 5 lbs. of regular ground coffee into institutional filter. Pour 7 quarts of cold water into open filter, making sure to saturate coffee grounds evenly.

  • Tie commercial filter approximately 3 inches from top, leaving plenty of room for coffee to move around and absorb water. (Tying the bag too tightly will cause a dry pocket and coffee concentrate will be very weak.)

  • Add 7 more quarts of cold water into brewing container.

  • Let brew for 8-24 hours, do not disturb during brew.

  • Drain concentrate into suitable storage container. If grounds block spigot, move away from spigot as gently as possible. (Yield should be approximately 10 qt.

  • Lift strainer containing filter and grounds from brewing container. Dispose of filter and grounds. Be careful, filter is fragile when wet and subject to tearing. Rinse strainer and air dry.

**Please note: Filter holder/strainer is re-usable; however, commercial filter is not re-usable.