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Prices for our current coffee offerings

Here are our current offerings -- we still have our staple single origin coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Honduras.

In Colombia, we are back to one of my favorites, the Sierra Nevada that is grown on the northern-most coast of Colombia in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Indians who live there believe that if they protect their land, they will keep the world in balance. You can help by drinking this coffee. It's also part of Viennese Blend from which we make our now-famous Last Dance cold-brew.

From Ethiopia we now have a natural process coffee from the Gedeb region -- next door to Yirgacheffe -- that is sweet and fruity as these coffees should be. Worka Sakaro is a "washing station" (or actually processing station since they also prepare the naturals) that collects cherry from over 400 small farmers in the region, then processes and exports the finished product.

We are more or less back to our favorite Sumatra Ketiara coop, run by women, many of whom lost their husbands in the 2003 civil war. We also have Sumatra from the Sara Ate coop in the Takengon highlands of west central Sumatra. Sometimes there's confusion at our roastery as to which Sumatra was roasted, but I doubt you could tell the diffenerce unless cupped side by side. I'm definitely switching back to calling all Sumatras "Mandheling" to avoid this muddle -- if you really care, please ask. If you've ever wondered what the "wet hulled" process used in Sumatra is, here's a good explanation.

Our base for French roast continues to be Honduras coffee from Marcala, a municipality in the department of La Paz. "Marcala" was among the first "protected origin denominations" for coffee in Central America. The 62 member COMSA coop uses the money from its fair trade status to help fund schools and teachers for the families of its workers.

In decaf, we are using Royal Coffee's Royal Select™ water process, which, although a tad below CO2, is quite good for a water processed decaf and certainly is far better than Swiss Water™. Our current selection is a Guat that's tasty even if it is decaf and makes an excellent decaf espresso as well.

Our current prices (USD):

Single Origins 2.5kg 1kg
Colombia Sierra Nevada 49 22
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 49 22
Sumatra Mandheling 49 22
Roasts & Blends
French Roast 49 22
Espresso 49 22
Viennese 49 22
Decaf Guatemala or French

We still enjoy being contrarians so our packages are all metric sizes. The industry standard 5lb bag you see everywhere is, for us, a 2.5 kilogram pack (that's 5.51 pounds). We have also a 1 kilogram (2.2 pound) package. Prices are USD per single package of 2.5kg or 1kg of a single coffee. All prices are FOB Asheville, NC 28801, and are subject to change without notice. (Please see this page for more details on shipping costs and methods.)

We prefer to ship only whole bean coffee, but if you insist, we'll grind at no charge. We'll try to grind to your specification but we can not guarantee that the grind will be optimum for your brewer. Weights shown are for whole bean. Ground weight may be slightly lower because some chaff is lost when grinding, there may be additional outgassing of CO2, or we may spill some.