Coffee cup

Update December

Repaving of our parking lot is complete, you can even park on it! Thanks for your patience!

Mountain City continues to roast specialty coffee and sells to everyone at the same ridiculously low prices. Good coffee is available to those who seek it.

No-contact pick up is available at our roastery 24hrs a day. Your coffee will be inside the entrance vestibule in one of the white metal lockers. Look for your name on one of the doors. For directions to our roastery on Charlotte Street, go here.

For a wider selection of single origin coffees or different blends, please try High Noon Coffee Roasters with whom we share space and more.

The Orion spacecraft of the Artemis 1 mission reached its maximum distance from the earth a few days ago. Gives you a different perspective of life on earth.

Images from the James Webb Space Telescope are here.

Information on Nasa's Artemis moon mission is here.