Coffee cup

Update February

Good coffee is available to those who seek it. Mountain City continues to roast specialty coffee and sells to everyone at ridiculously low prices. At least for a couple more weeks.

From the feedback I’ve gotten last month from my email announcement and this website, perhaps I didn’t make myself entirely clear regarding the demise of Mountain City and the transition to High Noon.

Mountain City and High Noon have shared the roastery space on Charlotte St for almost six years, crafting coffee every week on the same Probat roaster, and using the same grinding, packing, and brewing equipment. Even the bags for both companies were printed on the same vintage press. Though the coffee was sold under two different brands, we have been buying green coffee together and our roasting style on many coffees converged so the Colombia or Sumatra or Ethiopia or Espresso you get from High Noon will be the same as the coffee from Mountain City. While Anna Beth’s packaging -- in pounds and not metric, for one thing -- and pricing may be different, the taste of the coffee itself should continue. “New look, same great taste” as they used to say.

Mountain City will be closing at the end of February (fitting that it will be the 29th, leap day), and with our closing, High Noon will continue to roast in the same space on Charlotte St and on the same roaster to produce the same specialty coffees you know and love -- as well as other origins, blends, and roasts that were exclusive to High Noon.

High Noon has been working tirelessly with me to make this a smooth transition. Please share my faith in High Noon and Anna Beth and send your orders her way.

Correction:The last day for you to order from Mountain City will be Friday, February 23rd so every order can be ready for pick up or shipped by February 29, and I can make a graceful exit.

Again, thank you all for everything. I will truly miss each of you.